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Project Madeira Overview

Intacct Functionality RingDriving value across your entire business

Looking for an ERP cloud accounting solution that will fit your business needs.  Check into the new Microsoft Cloud ERP accounting solution by signing up for a trial company at Project Madeira.

With Intacct's comprehensive financial controls and security and compliance standards, the AICPA has selected Intacct as its first and only preferred accounting software provider. New Millennium Solutions can help you implement the various Intacct functionalities to improve your company's processes and to experience a successful implementation, with training, and on-going support.

  • Mobile Accessible
  • Intacct is Mobile Accessible from NMSFree yourself from the desk and workstation and become mobile!

    Microsoft's browser accessible accounting software provides the ability to remotely share your financial and management reports with individuals throughout the company, in other offices, in other countries, with your board of directors, etc.

    Besides the ability to enter and process your accounting transactions in various locations, you can also view your financial reports from your mobile devices.

  • Stunning Financial Reports, Graphs, and Dashboards
  • Financial Optimization with Intacct from NMSNow you can create your own mobile accessible reports, graphs, and dashboards from within Intacct without needing your IT programmer or hiring a consultant to write the code. Intacct's report writing tool provides both simple reporting and complex reporting with its matrix functionality.

    You will have the ability to create multiple dashboards for the same person or the same dashboards for multiple people using the role-based security provided within Intacct. For example, the CFO may have several dashboards: one for the company overview, another to show how each division or department is doing, one to show who the top customers are, another to show which vendors the company uses the most, and another to show which locations are most productive, etc.

Learn about the functionalities provided with Project Madeira that can help your business.

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