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Industry Accounting Software Solutions

Whether your organization is Faith-Based, Healthcare, Education, Not-for-Profit/Non-Profit, Professional Services, Retail, Manufacturing, etc., there are aspects of the selection process that everyone will want to address, and there are functionalities within each specific accounting software that could benefit everyone in some way. New Millennium Solutions provides implementation and support services for both Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software. We can migrate from any accounting software into either Intacct or Dynamics GP, based on your organization's selection.

Selecting Your Accounting Software

Selecting the best accounting software for your organization can be overwhelming and time consuming. Below are some points to guide you in the selection process.

  • First - you should determine what functionality your organization must have to handle your accounting processes within the accounting software. This would also be a good time to identify the functionality you would like for your ideal accounting solution.
  • Second - you need to determine if you want to own your accounting software and install on-premise or have it hosted, or treat it as Software as a Service (SaaS) that would be hosted or cloud based. Learn more...
  • Third - create a functionality comparison chart for your final accounting software choices. Learn more...
  • Fourth - determine the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your final accounting software choices. Learn more...
  • Fifth - determine the Return on Investments (ROI) for your final accounting software choices. Learn more...

New Millennium Solutions can help you determine between Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics GP which accounting software is best for your organization and which accounting software's functionalities can benefit and streamline your organization's business processes.

Accounting Software Functionality

Both Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software have their own architectural structure that can provide benefits to organizations that use the software. Below are some examples of inclusive functionalities regardless of the organization's business processes. These same examples also highlight different functionalities between Intacct and Dynamics GP. View the "Intacct & Dynamics GP Comparison" chart to learn more about their functionality differences.

  • Intacct provides browser accessible dashboards that display reports, graphs, and other features that can be accessed using mobile devices.
  • Intacct provides the multi-entity shared environment that enables your organization to share GL account numbers, vendors, customers, etc. for multiple entities/companies.
  • Intacct provides 4 upgrades a year with your annual subscription.
  • Intacct can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection and a web browser.
  • Intacct provides out-of-the-box data upload templates and upload integrations.
  • Dynamics GP provides software ownership and on-premise installations.
  • Dynamics GP provides access to your database engine.

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