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Accounting Software Implementation

There are over 15 years of experience implementing accounting software at New Millennium Solutions. We are Intacct Implementation and Service Providers certified and Dynamics GP Certified Masters. These certifications provide confidence to clients that they are dealing with qualified consultants, and we have the experience to help you implement your new accounting software using best practices, streamline implementations, and provide insight to avert future issues. Our in-house licensed CPA and CMA is a great asset to assist you with the decisions you will need to make during the implementation process and throughout the on-going support.

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With our in-depth knowledge of the accounting software and years of experience, we will help you reach your goals to get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Implementation Methodology

New Millennium Solutions has strong implementation skills and knows how to partner with the Client and guide them through the various phases of the implementation. We will bring you along every step of the way, get your staff trained, and leave you with a successful implementation and a sense of confidence. On-premise implementations require the IT staff to be involved with the process, and we have much experience working with both the IT and the Accounting staffs to bring everyone together for an effective and efficient implementation experience. Implementing and using new accounting software can be overwhelming and intimidating, but we are here to work with you through the maze of steps. Our Implementation Methodology has four key phases and is designed to produce success.

Phase 1 – Discover / Define

During this Discovery phase of the implementation, the overall business processes are determined, mile-stone dates are established, which legacy accounting data will be uploaded into the new accounting software are determined, who will be tasked with which part of the implementation is decided, and which 3rd party applications will be integrated into the accounting software. A business analysis is performed to understand and capture functional requirements that will be setup within the new accounting software. A determination is made about which non-accounting applications will be integrated with the new accounting software.

Data currently residing in the legacy accounting software are exported, cleaned, and modified with the appropriate changes. The existing GL accounts are analyzed and modified for the new accounting software with the Client's reporting needs in mind. A mapping relationship of the old GL accounts to the new GL accounts is created. The mapping relationship is used to translate the legacy GL accounts associated with the GL journal transactions to the new GL accounts. Then the GL journal transactions with the new GL accounts will be uploaded into the new accounting software.

Phase 2 – Build / Configure

During the Build/Configure phase, the Production companies are created. Once the companies are created, the modules are setup based on the information obtained during the Discover/Define phase. The legacy data that are used to populate the upload templates are uploaded into the new accounting software. The uploaded data are verified for accuracy. The Client's user logins are created during this phase of the implementation to allow the users to complete their implementation tasks, experience the software, access training material, and verify their data.

For the on-premise software the SQL database engine, SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), software application, reporting application, and integration application will be installed onto the determined servers and workstations.

3rd party applications integration will begin.

Phase 3 – Testing

During the Testing phase, the Client accesses a copy of the Production companies so they can verify the configuration of the new accounting software and their business processes as planned, verify check formatting with their banks, obtain hands-on transactional processing training, and learn the reporting options. Based on the testing within the copy companies, the Production companies' configurations are modified with the determined changes.

The reports and dashboards are created within the Production Company, and the Go-Live data are prepared for the Go-Live phase.

Where appropriate, the 3rd party applications will be integrated into the test companies; otherwise, they are only integrated into the Production companies.

Phase 4 – Go-Live

At Go-Live the open AP bills, open AR invoices, outstanding checks/deposits, etc. are uploaded into the new accounting software and reconciled to their associated GL account. Once all the open transactions are reconciled, the Client begins entering real-time transactions into the companies.

The Client begins using their new accounting software reports and begins the journey of building new reports and dashboards using the software's tools.

Other Elements

Training Throughout the Phases

Training starts as soon as the Client's accounting companies and user logins are setup. We find it most beneficial to the Client to start accessing the Production companies as soon as possible to learn how to navigate within the new accounting software. The Client will have access to documentation provided by the software's company. We also provide formal topic-specific trainings.

Post "Go-Live"

Once the Client is entering their business transactions in the new accounting software, New Millennium Solutions moves from implementation mode to support mode. Activities during the support mode include assisting Client with reconciling checking, savings, and credit card accounts; updating on new features in the accounting software; building new financial reports and dashboards; on-going training; answering application feature questions; and upgrading on-premise and hosted software. We continue working with the Client to maintain a strategical overview of the business and to identify other features and applications that can improve the Client's business processing and reporting.

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